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Hello, Hola, Aloha, Buongiorno, and Ni Hao! (This greeting will make sense in a minute.)

I am an American actor born in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia.  Raised as a military dependent, I had the opportunity to experience many different cultures as I lived in Italy, Germany, and various U.S. states such as Hawaii, New Mexico, and Florida.  Both of my parents were born in Puerto Rico.  My father served in the U.S. Army for twenty years and currently works in computer programming.  I'm a bit of a genealogy geek and have discovered that my family has served in every American war since at least World War I, while others raised their family as bakers and farmers.  My mother is currently an artist and substitute teacher.  I'm proud that I was able to help her pursue her dreams of becoming an artist later in life as well.  My work experience has included serving in the United States Air Force, teaching English in China, and freelancing in film and television production.

Acting has become a natural and unexpected transition for me. After I completing my Bachelor's degree in Communications - Film & Video from Florida Atlantic University and a few professional screenwriting courses at ScreenwritingU, I simply wanted to become a better screenwriter.  I began studying acting two years ago, but couldn't stop after the introduction courses because I fell in love with the craft so much.  This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  

My recent production credits include self-producing a short documentary film based on an eBook I wrote about alternative fuels called, "Death of a Gas Guzzler," (featured in the "15 Minutes of Fame International Film Festival"); a short dramatic film about drug recovery called "Delray," (featured in the "Hollywood Florida Film Festival" and "Reel Recovery Film Festival"); as well as a short comedy film called, "My Infidel," which is currently in post-production.  (My IMDB link)  

Whenever I am not writing, rewriting, or re-rewriting (x 10) a screenplay; looking for a new monologue; taking an acting class; completing graduate homework; or preparing for my wedding in March 2017; my other hobbies include practicing Olympic-style Taekwondo and inventing board games. 

If you have a project you would like to consider me for, please click on the "Contact" tab.  Thank you, Mahalo, Gracias, Grazie, and Xie Xie!


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